Balance Twitter and Home

twitter-gardenTwitter has boomed into such a huge site that sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data that you are able to access at any point of time. My twitter account has thousands of people I follow since I want to always stay in the loop in so many different areas of the world. This can be a positive thing since I hear news quickly, but the main problem with all of this is the amount of time required to read through all the tweets that i get. My twitter account was getting so many tweets a day that I was spending sometimes more then 3 hours a day after work just scrolling through and updating myself on everything going on through the tweets people made. As you can tell over time this became a big problem for me, and especially for my family. I was on Twitter surfing the data neglecting all the chores i had to do at home, and even was forgetting about my hobbies I once had. Going home after work and finding the near seat, which ended up mostly being the couch, to sit around and scroll through my phone on and on. Eventually i had realized that reading all of these news were important, but it should never get in the way of my own life. I started writing down how long i was spending on twitter, and managed my hours with everything else i should be doing also. I set aside time to play with my kids and talk with my wife. I also made sure i had enough time to relax doing other things i use to love, my hobbies. The one hobby that stood out more then the rest was my garden.

Outside in the backyard i had dug an area of the field as to where I have planted an abundance of variety of colors tulips, daisies, and even strawberries. I can tell you right now that at the time when i went back to start working on the garden again, it looked terrible. I was disappointed for not spending enough time on the garden but overjoyed enough that I was able to get back at this hobby that I loved to work on.

It is important to remember that you should limit your time using social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. It is fun reading everyone’s updates and feeling like you are a part of all the news around you, but you cant forget to not create your own stories by going out and doing things yourself. I am able to write about my garden now and about other things that I am doing on twitter instead of just sitting around reading what everyone else is doing. Reading those tweets for hours in the past was fun, but i have to admit that it brings me greater joy to be active and do things myself instead. It is important to make sure you are balancing your time between these social media sites and everything else you have.

Twitter is another way to find a jobs

Job-WorkplaceBig companies have always gone to major websites like monster to post their new open positions to the public and wait to see if anyone replies by sending their resume back to them. This is always been a proven method, but has been slowly decreased efficiency as more companies go this method. The forums they use are being overpopulated by companies and people looking for jobs that your position offering can quickly be overshadowed by someone else, allowing the possibility of missing that perfect candidate in the process.

Because of this, they have resorted to other means to try and attract potential candidates to notice and apply for their positions. One of these is the use of social media, particularly Twitter. Twitter was an unnoticed and untapped resource for a lot of these companies until they had to make a decision to try other methods, and once someone suggested twitter, they were able to realize how much of an impact it can have in the whole hiring process. Here are three big reasons why twitter is a great source for companies to post their new job openings, and is the reason why you should make sure you follow the companies you may be trying to be employed at on twitter yourself.

Saving Money

All the well known sites will charge fees for every time a employer wants to broadcast their unfilled positions to the public or even a targeted group of people that are interested in the same type of work. These fees add up, especially when you work some calculations on the amount of visibility the ad would be getting compared to the sheer volume of visitors how may be qualified that were able to see it. Twitter allows the companies to get a big backing of followers on their page, so once they make a quick tweet on the job posting they have made, either on their site or through someone like This cost no money compared to the posting on major job sites, and is able to hit a sheer high volume number of people with the position open, to be able to fill that position.

Job Sites are too Crowded

Job sites have become up and popular in the last couple of years since the recession hit, which is a positive if the majority of people on it meticulously read every post to find the jobs they are looking for. This is not always the case though, and so has job sites get overloaded with job openings, the potential of your job opening post goes down and can be overlooked. Twitter allows a quick tweet in as little as 140 characters that can more easily be distinguished.

Tweets Avalanche

They are sending to people that know about the company and are interested enough to add them to their followings. This adds much higher chances that they are either qualified for the position, or will put some of their own effort to re-tweet or let someone else know about that opening they read also. This number can drastic increase since these re-tweets would be hitting another set of people like an avalanche through twitter feeds.

How to use phone to connect to Twitter abroad

Using twitter without Internet in CityIf you read my about page you will know that I am crazy about using the social media site Twitter. It allows me to connect with so many people and companies from all over the world and learn quickly of any news of high end technology that are currently being developed or are able to be purchased.

One of my problems was that when i would go abroad to work with clients on their websites, I had the hardest time trying to connect to twitter when i was running around. I will be going to the hotel after working a 10 hour shift trying to fix some bugs and on the whole cab ride home am not able to get any WiFi signals to connect me to the internet. Stopping at nearest restaurant for a quick bite to eat before i hit the hay also was not getting me any signal. What topped it off was after waiting so long to finally see the technology world updates for the day, I had thought the hotel I was staying at would at least provide WiFi, they do at most the hotels i stay at in the United States. Once arriving there the front desk lady told me that it will be quite hard to find anywhere nearby to get a reliable connection. After the trip when i got home i was able to look at all the news and It made me overjoyed when I read an article talking about how you can use text messages to be able to broadcast tweets to your twitter account. This also works the other way around where you can add certain twitter followers to a group that will allow twitter to send text messages of their tweets to your phone.

One of the examples on how this is useful was to have find the weather station for the city i am staying in and add them to my twitter followers group. I will then get texts about weather notices right to my phone! Its also wise to note that this whole thing can be done without actually having a twitter account yourself. You can sign up for Fast Follow that allows you get to updates without having to sign into twitter at all, allowing you to received important updates with only the need of SMS.

To do Fast Follow, here are the steps you need to do.

1. You will need to look through twitter or search and find a twitter account that you are wanting to receive updates on to your phone.

2. With your phone you are going to need to go to your messages and start a new message. Text “Follow (Username)” to the number 40404. Username will be the twitter account you should of found earlier that you are wanting to add.

That is how simple it is.

If you however are done with your trip or do not need an account texting you their tweets anymore, you can just resend a text to 40404 with the word OFF. Resending the text ON to 40404 will then turn the texting from that twitter account back on again.

Texting rates do apply from the company you have your mobile phone with. Every tweet that is sent counts as one complete text message sent to your phone.


Fighting Hair Loss With A Laser Helmet

A recent study showed that balding men not only loose their hair, but their self-esteem as well. Women suffering hair loss experience the same decrease in self-confidence. These symptoms can eventually lead to depression and relationship problems. The California-based company Theradome now claim to have found a solution.

Hair loss is a common issue among men. According to this site about 70 percent of men and 40 percent of women will experience hair loss at some point in their life. And although there are some ways to fight the symptoms, a real cure for hair loss doesn´t exist yet.

A Helmet To Save Your Hair

The tool developed by Theradome, founded by former NASA scientist Tamim Hamid, is a helmet that uses cool laser beams to revert the decrease of hair follicles and to stop hair loss. The company claims that after regular use the helmet is able to double the number of hairs on your head.

The helmet is easy to use: just two 20-minute sessions per week should deliver significant results. The fist weeks are focused on preventing current hair loss. After about 28 weeks, or half a year, the hair should start growing again. The laser beams improve blood circulation in the hair follicles, stimulating micro-circulation and sell metabolism.

Theradome claims that with regular use for a maximum of 50 weeks, users of the laser beam helmet will have longer, stronger and healthier hair. After one year new hair will start to emerge and after a year or two a larger area of the head is covered with hair.

A major benefit of this self-treatment is that patients won´t have to visit a clinic and pay for expensive hair loss treatments like Finasteride, Minoxidil or surgical hair restoration procedure. Priced at $795 (600 euros), the hair restoration helmet is only a fraction of what other solutions cost.


Since it launch, the hair restoration helmet has received mixed reactions. Although many experts confirm that the underlying scientific principles are accurate, they feel that the claims made in Theradome´s marketing material are too optimistic.

These claims included statements like “Proven to grow hair in 98 percent of users” and “100% Proven. 100% Easy. 100% Safe.”

The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) recommended Theradome to backup their claims or include conditions, for example that Theradome is specifically intended for “females with female pattern hair loss on the Ludwig and Savin Hair Loss Scale I-II”.

Online readers also expressed their doubts. The fact that the model wearing the helmet did not seem to suffer from any type of hair loss was not very convincing. One reader wrote: “Where does the snake oil go?”

Rocket Science

Whether the helmet will be as effective as some of the other treatments on the market remains to be seen. However, I do find it encouraging that technologists are trying to solve the hair loss problem. This can only be a good thing.

How Technology Is Changing The Funeral Business

The funeral industry is among the many industries that have been influenced by rapid technological advances. Admittedly, to many people, it is simply impractical for technology to play a role after death. However, contrary to what most individuals believe, technology has a role to play both before and after one passes.

Many clients are constantly looking for new ways to pay tribute to their departed ones and this is where funeral directors step in. They are very much updated on the emerging trends in order to meet the expectations of their clients.

However, if any of the below pick your interest and you want it included in your funeral, then it would be a good idea to check with your funeral insurance plan to make sure you have enough coverage to pay for them.

Here are some of the funeral technologies that have changed the funeral business:


  • Who would have even thought that one can be part of funeral distant miles away through the use of webcasting system? Absolutely none. Some people could be distant miles away when they lose their beloved ones and thus may not be in a position to attend the funeral services. In some situations, people can be ill or even may be committed somewhere and may not be able to attend a funeral service. Thanks to webcasting for it has turned the impossibilities into possibilities.
  • Webcasting allows people to view the funeral process regardless of the distance, on smartphones, computers and even tablets through a secure password access. The best part is that webcasting allows for recording of funeral events and thus funerals can be later viewed by those who missed or as and when need arises.

Social media and web memorials

Web memorial refers to text based memorials usually posted on online memorial sites. In fact, some web memorials enables mourners to post their messages meant for deceased, light candles and even upload video and photo tributes online. This can be viewed as something that provides a positive grieving process by enabling people to express their emotions.

If there is anything that has tried to prove that grieve is not restricted to physical locations, then it is web memorial. Some companies have actually gone an extra step by developing QR Codes which when scanned will take you to a web memorial.

What you do not know is that this new mourning style first started on social platforms like Facebook. As a matter of fact, social media has transformed today’s funeral experience evidenced by the way people communicate about the loss of loved ones.

Today, funeral homes are rapidly partnering with web memorials and taking into consideration social media in their business strategy.

Digital registries

Due to the need to have digital memorial guest books, smartphones apps have been made. Usually, this allows for the printing of customizable thank you cards from the data entered by the guests. Better still, they can be used as a pre-need generator.

Funeral business tools

When it comes to funeral business tools, technologies like online document storage, funeral arrangement software and answering services have simplified the lives of funeral directors. Funeral homes also have access to business solutions incorporating the planning of funerals, to organizing webcasts, to floral orders. Basically, these tools automate client data and everyday processes and this has contributed to the increased efficiency of funeral homes.

No doubt that technology is transforming the funeral business. It has made what previously seemed impossible very much possible as evidenced by the above discussed points.

How to Connect with Twitter While Hiking in Remote Areas

If you’d love to stay connected to the social media platform that is known as Twitter, even when you’re hiking in remote areas, you need to know how to achieve this goal. Staying in the Twitter loop is possible, even when you’re way out in the wilderness. However, you will likely need to invest in some new hardware in order to give your smart phone the capability to access Twitter and other online interfaces. Now, let’s talk about some of the best ways to make this goal a reality…

Find the Right Hardware

There are hardware devices which are specially designed to make it simple to log on to the Internet via your smart phone, even when you’re technically “off the grid”. For example, the Bluetooth-enabled Spot Connect device offers hikers the power and portability that they are looking for, without being too expensive.

This device gives users access to a global satellite network, which provides worldwide accessibility. You may find out more about the device at the official Spot Connect website. Other manufacturers may also offer similar products, so do shop around in order to access the best features for your needs.

Another option is contacting your online service provider in order to enquire about the online capability in areas where you may be hiking. Chances are good that your online service provider, such as your mobile phone company, will be able to offer you tips on which accessories, such as hardware, will facilitate the process of being able to access an Internet connection. So, do not hesitate to reach out when you need help.

Play It Safe While You’re Hiking

In order to hike in remote areas, you must plan carefully in order to stay safe. This means accessing the right hardware for staying in the Internet loop, while also ensuring that you have the right gear. For example, never go hiking without the right hiking boots, as you won’t have the stability that you need without proper footwear. In addition, without hiking boots that fit well, you may develop terrible blisters.

So, give some thought to your choice of hiking boots before you plan your next outing. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable and safe hike. In fact, in terms of spending money, finding the right hardware for staying online and choosing the right hiking boots should be budget priorities. You can find many good resources online to help choose the best hiking boots for your needs.

Now that you know more about how to stay connected to Twitter while you’re online, you’ll be ready to make the most of your next outdoor adventure. By selecting the right products for the task, you’ll be primed to access a Web connection, no matter where you are.

Once you’ve made the decision to stay wired to the Web during your hike and acquired the right hardware for the job, you’ll be able to feel safe and secure as you enjoy your time outside. In addition, you’ll be able to post photos and tweets whenever you wish, even when you’re way out in the middle of nowhere.

How To Use Social Media to Grow Your Online Business

There are no guarantees of profitability with social media, but there really is tremendous potential for it. What do you want to do, and what do you need are the questions you must ask yourself before jumping into the middle of the social media fray. We know you are an action taker, so absorb the following discussion on this timely marketing topic and make something good happen.

If you use the optimal tools and methods, you can realize there is a multiplying effect with many things you do at social sites. There are so many sources of information and knowledge, and just like elsewhere, taking come cues from what other businesses do can be a good way to get great ideas. Business networking is still a powerful vehicle. You never know what could result when you network with businesses, but it is possible to learn from them.

So if you can get to know them, they can prove to be a great help. You can learn quite a bit from subscribing to their lists, though and that will give you a front row seat to their marketing strategies. Do not be shy about posting intelligent comments about what they do when they talk to their audience. Perhaps the most significant requirement is for you to actually execute your plan of action, and do not expect overnight results for everything you attempt; it doesn’t work like that. We have seen many abandoned campaigns and read about high hopes bang dashed at the first signs of trouble. The wind went out of the sails because they failed to understand the basic principles of that is needed from them.

Even if things are a bit slow in the beginning, it doesn’t really matter because as you move ahead, they will catch up, as long as you are persistent, so stick with it and focus on niche orientated sites which you can continually add relevant content to over time. For example, if you were to build a site around rifle scopes such as this site, make your site entirely about rifle scopes so as to grow as an authority site about that subject matter. The same can be said for the gun safe site, shown here, which is an example of a highly targeted sub niche site.

If you’re focused on leveraging social media for your business then the content that you generate is really important. The requirements for content have not changed, though, and it still has to be the best you can produce. Real SEO will greatly benefit you if, for example, you are publishing your article content on your Facebook fan page. Without using good content, making effective social media for your business is going to be nigh on impossible because at the end of the day it’s the people who are going to actually read your content. If they don’t like it then it would be of no use getting it ranked. Effective communications always start from a position of authority with knowledge and understanding and so then we get back to doing effective market research.

Social media can be very powerful and effective only if you have the patience and dedication to see it through. Social marketing is definitely a long-term, strategic approach that can give you excellent results on down the road.

Everybody is Social: Creating Lasik Perfect Vision for your Social Media

Social media is the buzzword on everybody’s tongue. It’s the latest and greatest trend in marketing – maybe one of the most powerful marketing tools ever developed.

However, as with all things, once the potential for social media was recognized, everybody got in on the game. Now, it’s to the point where we almost need social media to help us understand social media. After all, you can choose between Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, Tumblr, Reddit and any number of other platforms from which to send out your messages.

Sometimes the choices for social media platforms are more obvious than others. If you are a photographer, you want to have a Flickr account to share your work with other photographers. If you are a writer, you need a blog and Twitter is a great way to share new posts and samples of your writing. Writers and photographers are accustomed to showing their work to others and promoting themselves.

What do you do if you are in a field that is less naturally social? In areas that have traditionally relied more heavily on uni-directional advertising the entrance in to social media can be confusing and intimidating. Let’s say you are a plastic surgeon – what do you tweet about? If you specialize in bariatric surgery, are there photos you really want to put on Flickr? Should you post a video on Youtube of someone in your office performing surgery?

This is something you have to think about carefully not only because of all kinds of patient privacy issues but also because if your specialty is medicine, then it probably isn’t ALSO marketing. Yes you can use Facebook and other social media platforms for free without assistance, but as is so often the case, you get what you pay for. Social media is time consuming and if it isn’t done well, it’s simply a waste. Realizing this, a number of companies have sprung up that offer social media consultation and management services – especially for fields that do not typically rely on graphic design or marketing skill sets.

To pick an example, there is Ceatus, one such group among many. They focus on helping ophthalmologists make connections through social media platforms – and not just with each other, but also with patients. They have worked with a number of Lasik specialists and so have developed a level of expertise in the language of the field and combine that with an understanding of the ways in which people look for information. After all, you don’t want to be posting about the inner workings of the eye in your posts when most people are really just looking for information about the costs of lasik surgery. Then, knowing that is the most often searched for piece of information, Ceatus creates a marketing campaign in which that key phrase is built into the message so that the people looking for your information are more likely to find it. One Facebook message from a client of Ceatus and a Lasik provider reads:

“Congratulations Kevin, this year’s FREE LASIK winner!!!!!! Make sure you book your consultation to take 50% off YOUR LASIK procedure.”

By using the kinds of phrases that people search or that are similar to their searches and designed to catch their attention, Ceatus targets social media so that it isn’t just being dispersed into the atmosphere to be lost forever.

I expect to see more and more of these kinds of companies opening up to help specialists reach targeted audiences who are already looking for their services but may not be able to find them among the masses of information available on the web. This is an area for people with expertise in web development to provide much needed services – pick an industry to work with, you’ll probably find yourself in high demand.

If not, make sure you are using your social media to advertise!

Smartphone Technology Detects Senior Citizens Falls at Home

Technology to detect falls automatically is new and not without controversy and is near and dear to my heart as the tech is found in my phone. This article examines how the new technology works, who can benefit from it and, most important, whether it actually works for those seniors who may not be able to press the medical alert button when they fall. It is intended to help you decide if acquiring this new technology is worth the additional cost.

How Does Automatic Fall Technology Work?
Automatic (or “automated”) fall detection is built into your emergency alert pendant and so does not require that you wear anything new as it is part of many existing medical alert systems. The technology makes use of sensors (multiple accelerometers and processors) which are able to tell the difference between normal movement and a fall. This is the same technology already used in products like smart phones, which can detect when you turn the phone sideways and the screen adjusts automatically.

The sensor in your medical alert pendant constantly measures your movement in every direction. This enables it to distinguish between normal activity and a fall. When the sensor detects a fall, it automatically sets off the medical alert.

Is Fall Detection Technology Effective?
Much has been written about the utility of fall detection technology. Critics claim that the technology, still in its infancy, is not sufficiently able to distinguish between normal movements and falls, resulting in many “false alarms.”

A recent study indicated that for the vast majority–some 90%–of users, the incidence of “false alarms” was rare. This suggests fall detection technology, because it is able to detect your position, your speed of movement and whether or not your movement is smooth, is reasonably effective and that so-called “false alarms” are relatively rare.

Who Needs Medical Alert Fall Detection?
The first question is whether you need any sort of medical alert system and you should consider obtaining one if you live alone, have fallen in the past, tend to shuffle your feet when you walk, have to use stairs in your home, have a home with hazards such as uneven floors which might cause you to trip, or need to step into a bathtub to take a bath. If in addition you have any condition, such as diabetes or a heart condition, which might cause fainting spells or render you unconscious after you fall, you should consider obtaining a medical alert system which includes fall detection technology.

Important Considerations
The many fall detection products currently on the market offer a wide range of capabilities. In general, the fall detection product you purchase should:

  • Be automatic, ensuring you will get the help you need if you are unable to push the button
  • Be waterproof, in case you fall in the bathtub or shower
  • Be comfortable, allowing you to wear it through all of your normal activities
  • Allow manual usage in addition to providing automatic fall detection: if there is a false alarm, you’ll want to be able to cancel the fall detection
  • Tell you when the battery is low and needs to be changed
  • Work with both a traditional phone line and a cellular or VoIP service

In the final analysis, only you and your loved ones can make the determination of whether you need automatic fall detection. If you are likely to experience falls, and if you have a medical condition which could render you unconscious when you do fall, automatic fall detection could be the answer to your prayers.

Radiology Technician is a Rewarding Technology Healthcare Career

The career of a radiology technician, sometimes referred to as a xray technician or radiographer, has the responsibility of creating images of various types of the internal anatomy of the human body. These images range from the use of ionized radiation, high frequency sounds, constant radiation using contrast agents to see the digestive system, to see the structure of bones, internal organs, fetal monitoring during pregnancy and potentially foreign objects inside the body. These are only a few of the types of imaging techniques available to a radiology technician.

The field also covers such techniques as using computed tomography to create slices of cross-sectional views of the human body in either 2D or 3D images. MRI’s are perhaps one of the more commonly known of methods to the layman. An MRI can construct a 2D or 3D mapping of tissues inside the body through the use of magnetic resonance.

A medical specialist such as a radiologic technician can work in a hospital or in a private practice to utilize the knowledge of anatomy, radiology, physiology, pathology and patient handling to assist a physician to diagnose the radiographic images obtained from the chosen scanning method technique. The career is filled with plenty of opportunity and the salary for radiology technicians is much higher than other allied health careers. This is a growing field with many more x-ray technicians needed as the U.S. population grows older.

There are numerous branches of the medical field that someone trained as a xray tech might explore. Some of these include surgical technologist, physical therapist and respiratory therapist among numerous others with their own sub-specialties.

To obtain proper education in the field of a radiology technician in the United States, you must first have a high school diploma and then there are entrance requirements that must be met followed by a criminal background check before permission to enter into a radiologic technology program can be granted. The length of training will vary depending on the desired goal of obtaining either a certificate, an associate degree or a bachelor degree. The majority of hospitals and private clinics however, will only accept bachelors degree applicants due to the concern over patient safety. There are also many countries that offer a master degree program in the field of radiological studies.

During the educational process students will be exposed to training covering such topics as medical ethics, patient care, mathematics, nuclear physics, human anatomy, physiology and medical imaging techniques, to name a few. In the USA, radiological technicians are required to keep current on their education by attending continuing education courses. The ARRT or American Registry of Radiologic Technologist is the organization that is responsible for accrediting radiologic technicians in the USA. They require that every two years, radiologic technologist must be present for 24 hours of continuing education, with additional requirements for those technologist who specialize in mammography, whose requirements are specifically set by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

In other countries such as the United Kingdom, the term for a radiologic technician is quite different. They are instead referred to as Diagnostic Radiographers or Therapy Radiographer. These are very protected titles in the UK and only those who are registered with the Health Professions Council may don such titles.

Thinking Of Starting A Blog?

If you want to start up a blog, what are the most important things you need to take into consideration? It’s not as easy as just deciding to start one day, so let’s check out what you need to take into account before making your first move.

How Do You Design Your Blog

In case you don’t know how to design a blog then don’t be too worried; it is a lot simpler than you probably imagine. Everything that you’re looking for in terms of information and facts, tools and resources is now accessible online and you don’t have to be a pc professional to use them either. You can easily look up basic things like how to install WordPress on Youtube, and you’ll see the tech side of running a blog is quite easy.

What Will It Be About?

This might sound obvious but this isn’t always the case. For instance, if you would like to create a blog for commercial reasons you have to work out what market or niche you’re going to do. If you are passionate about alternative medicine, for example, you could write about all manner of topics such as aromatherapy or chiropractic, covered on this site. Even if you plan to talk about something you amorously believe in you still need to work out what approach you will take and how you will keep readers fascinated.

How Long Will You Be Doing It?

Perhaps you are only planning on blogging for a short time, for example to cover your experience traveling or your pregnancy. In the latter example, you might want to engage with your audience by keeping track of how far along you are using an online pregnancy test site like this, so your readers can share in your progress. If your blog is more of an indefinite project you will have to experiment and think about how often you intend to write and what related topics you can come up with to keep your readers coming back for more.

How Do I Fine Tune It?

Clearly one can change practices part of the way through if things aren’t working, but starting on the right foot will provide you with the assurance to keep moving. Tied in with this, you will also need to see how it is going to make you some money. You could do something such as paid advertising on the blog or you could even be a part of an affiliate program. Even if your doing it for other reasons then the money it would be great if it paid for itself and gave you something extra too.

Who Will Be Doing The Work?

It might seem that getting your blog going and maintaining it is something that you can easily do alone, but there are some aspects to it which you might be thinking about getting help on. First of all, there is the writing. If you don’t enjoy writing or don’t have enough spare time then you may want to outsource at least some of this to somebody else. Another issue would be to get someone to do some Search Engine Optimization so that you can get more visibility in the search engines and get more readers.