Balance Twitter and Home

twitter-gardenTwitter has boomed into such a huge site that sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data that you are able to access at any point of time. My twitter account has thousands of people I follow since I want to always stay in the loop in so many different areas of the world. This can be a positive thing since I hear news quickly, but the main problem with all of this is the amount of time required to read through all the tweets that i get. My twitter account was getting so many tweets a day that I was spending sometimes more then 3 hours a day after work just scrolling through and updating myself on everything going on through the tweets people made. As you can tell over time this became a big problem for me, and especially for my family. I was on Twitter surfing the data neglecting all the chores i had to do at home, and even was forgetting about my hobbies I once had. Going home after work and finding the near seat, which ended up mostly being the couch, to sit around and scroll through my phone on and on. Eventually i had realized that reading all of these news were important, but it should never get in the way of my own life. I started writing down how long i was spending on twitter, and managed my hours with everything else i should be doing also. I set aside time to play with my kids and talk with my wife. I also made sure i had enough time to relax doing other things i use to love, my hobbies. The one hobby that stood out more then the rest was my garden.

Outside in the backyard i had dug an area of the field as to where I have planted an abundance of variety of colors tulips, daisies, and even strawberries. I can tell you right now that at the time when i went back to start working on the garden again, it looked terrible. I was disappointed for not spending enough time on the garden but overjoyed enough that I was able to get back at this hobby that I loved to work on.

It is important to remember that you should limit your time using social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. It is fun reading everyone’s updates and feeling like you are a part of all the news around you, but you cant forget to not create your own stories by going out and doing things yourself. I am able to write about my garden now and about other things that I am doing on twitter instead of just sitting around reading what everyone else is doing. Reading those tweets for hours in the past was fun, but i have to admit that it brings me greater joy to be active and do things myself instead. It is important to make sure you are balancing your time between these social media sites and everything else you have.

Twitter is another way to find a jobs

Job-WorkplaceBig companies have always gone to major websites like monster to post their new open positions to the public and wait to see if anyone replies by sending their resume back to them. This is always been a proven method, but has been slowly decreased efficiency as more companies go this method. The forums they use are being overpopulated by companies and people looking for jobs that your position offering can quickly be overshadowed by someone else, allowing the possibility of missing that perfect candidate in the process.

Because of this, they have resorted to other means to try and attract potential candidates to notice and apply for their positions. One of these is the use of social media, particularly Twitter. Twitter was an unnoticed and untapped resource for a lot of these companies until they had to make a decision to try other methods, and once someone suggested twitter, they were able to realize how much of an impact it can have in the whole hiring process. Here are three big reasons why twitter is a great source for companies to post their new job openings, and is the reason why you should make sure you follow the companies you may be trying to be employed at on twitter yourself.

Saving Money

All the well known sites will charge fees for every time a employer wants to broadcast their unfilled positions to the public or even a targeted group of people that are interested in the same type of work. These fees add up, especially when you work some calculations on the amount of visibility the ad would be getting compared to the sheer volume of visitors how may be qualified that were able to see it. Twitter allows the companies to get a big backing of followers on their page, so once they make a quick tweet on the job posting they have made, either on their site or through someone like This cost no money compared to the posting on major job sites, and is able to hit a sheer high volume number of people with the position open, to be able to fill that position.

Job Sites are too Crowded

Job sites have become up and popular in the last couple of years since the recession hit, which is a positive if the majority of people on it meticulously read every post to find the jobs they are looking for. This is not always the case though, and so has job sites get overloaded with job openings, the potential of your job opening post goes down and can be overlooked. Twitter allows a quick tweet in as little as 140 characters that can more easily be distinguished.

Tweets Avalanche

They are sending to people that know about the company and are interested enough to add them to their followings. This adds much higher chances that they are either qualified for the position, or will put some of their own effort to re-tweet or let someone else know about that opening they read also. This number can drastic increase since these re-tweets would be hitting another set of people like an avalanche through twitter feeds.

How to use phone to connect to Twitter abroad

Using twitter without Internet in CityIf you read my about page you will know that I am crazy about using the social media site Twitter. It allows me to connect with so many people and companies from all over the world and learn quickly of any news of high end technology that are currently being developed or are able to be purchased.

One of my problems was that when i would go abroad to work with clients on their websites, I had the hardest time trying to connect to twitter when i was running around. I will be going to the hotel after working a 10 hour shift trying to fix some bugs and on the whole cab ride home am not able to get any WiFi signals to connect me to the internet. Stopping at nearest restaurant for a quick bite to eat before i hit the hay also was not getting me any signal. What topped it off was after waiting so long to finally see the technology world updates for the day, I had thought the hotel I was staying at would at least provide WiFi, they do at most the hotels i stay at in the United States. Once arriving there the front desk lady told me that it will be quite hard to find anywhere nearby to get a reliable connection. After the trip when i got home i was able to look at all the news and It made me overjoyed when I read an article talking about how you can use text messages to be able to broadcast tweets to your twitter account. This also works the other way around where you can add certain twitter followers to a group that will allow twitter to send text messages of their tweets to your phone.

One of the examples on how this is useful was to have find the weather station for the city i am staying in and add them to my twitter followers group. I will then get texts about weather notices right to my phone! Its also wise to note that this whole thing can be done without actually having a twitter account yourself. You can sign up for Fast Follow that allows you get to updates without having to sign into twitter at all, allowing you to received important updates with only the need of SMS.

To do Fast Follow, here are the steps you need to do.

1. You will need to look through twitter or search and find a twitter account that you are wanting to receive updates on to your phone.

2. With your phone you are going to need to go to your messages and start a new message. Text “Follow (Username)” to the number 40404. Username will be the twitter account you should of found earlier that you are wanting to add.

That is how simple it is.

If you however are done with your trip or do not need an account texting you their tweets anymore, you can just resend a text to 40404 with the word OFF. Resending the text ON to 40404 will then turn the texting from that twitter account back on again.

Texting rates do apply from the company you have your mobile phone with. Every tweet that is sent counts as one complete text message sent to your phone.


How To Secure Your Guns On Your Smart Phone

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility. Of course as we know every person in the US has the right to own firearms and many of us do. Of course this is guaranteed by the Constitution and so many of us take advantage of this.

However of course there is a particular risk with owning firearms, notably that they can be used against people. If someone breaks into your home and steals your weapons then those can be used against other people, including you and your family.

And there are also many instances where people leave guns laying around in the home and someone, commonly children, pick up a loaded weapon and manage to injure or kill themselves or a friend.

One of the obvious things to do to protect your firearms from unauthorized use is to buy a quality gun safe. The best gun safes will protect your weapons from unauthorized access and will keep them safely secured under lock and key whenever you are not using them. Put some time into researching gun safe reviews to find out which is the best gun safe for your particular type of weapons.

However as the Internet develops and modern online technology develops there are all sorts of other technologies that you can take advantage of. One of the most recent developments is the use of apps on a smartphone.

An app is a small piece of software which you can use on your phone. And it’s now possible to get a “gun safe app” that you can load onto your smart phone.

This app is called “Gun Vault” and you can find it on Google play.

Of course it’s not for securing your weapons it’s for managing data to do with your weapons.

So you can upload pictures of each of your weapons together with the serial number and various statistics and specifications on each of your firearms.

Why would this be useful? It’s perfect for an insurance claim for example. If you have a photograph of your weapon and all of the specifications and serial numbers loaded onto your phone, and your house burns down, you’ve got all your records of your firearms right there in your hand.

You can also access a concealed carry reference guide for each of the States as well as information on gun laws in each of the States. This will be extremely useful when you decide to go travelling interstate so that you can look up individual gun laws state-by-state with the tap of a finger.

There is an ammunition tracker so that you can keep tabs on all of your ammunition for each of your various firearms. You can also get a newsfeed of all the latest news from the NRA.

And of course you can print all of the contents of your Gun Vault app should you wish to.

So as a responsible gun owner you should have a quality gun safe somewhere in the house so that you can keep all of your dangerous firearms under lock and key. However you should also download the Gun Vault app so that you have all of your firearm specifications and details with you wherever you go.

Twitter Do’s And Don’ts

Hello Tweeters (other social media fanatics are welcome)! To those of you familiar or even new to Twitter I have a story to tell you!

Technology has started to play a large role in a lot of lives nowadays. You see, you can tweet something about a job you would like, or even a specific machine such as forklifts. You just do # or @forklifts! If you are unsure, there will be someone to hook you up with a forklift certificate or how you would go about getting your forklift training (or you could click here and read about it)

Sometimes social media has the best responses. The responses you get are normally people who have experienced the situation you are currently in, themselves. Therefore, giving you information that any old website couldn’t technically give. Twitter and other social media could also give you a price estimation on how much a forklift license may cost, or even how much you would have to pay to get your very own forklift for yourself or your business.

Technology is an amazing thing, whether it be social media, machines, or apps; they are all fantastic and are a lot easier to use. Use a forklift for instance. What is a forklift used for? Basically it is a larger machine designed to move something quite heavy and move the heavy material short distances or even onto a flat bed, pallet, into a moving truck etc. This is a lot easier than getting five men together and trying to lift a heavy piece of material to God knows where and God knows how many pounds you lot are trying to carry. Don’t forget… this is also safer! Yes, indeed. It is safer to use the machine to do the heavy work than a human being. When you get older, you could wind up with some serious back problems if you just carry that thing. What is a Forklift certificate compared to HUNDREDS OF APPOINTMENTS TO THE CHIROPRACTOR!? What a way to live…

Technology brought us forklifts, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, cars, trucks, computers, phones, apps, video games etc. Of course for the machinery you need a special license or a certificate. But, I am sure a lot of you probably have a drivers license, but there are a lot more licenses that you need for other types of machinery. (Just remember that most of this machinery is helpful/useful to know how to use!)

Always remember that this technology is meant to make things easier for those of you who use any of these machines, robots and equipment. Licenses and certificates are to ensure your safety and everyone else’s safety as well. If you are interested in forklifts, during your training you will learn how to do maintenance on your forklift and all the mandatory steps before ever sitting in one and driving. And please remember to drive SLOW and NOT do a bunch of donuts on the concrete floor with your forklift.(In otherwords please no selfies with #doingdonutswithmyforklift)

Get a forklift. Get a smart phone, or smart TV, get a robot… It is always helpful, new and exciting… As NEW things always are.

I’d like to take a minute to say(or tweet)… Thank God for technology!

Using Social Media To Find Your Next Job

In many ways it seems that it has never been more challenging to find the right job, to build your career and to be able to do work that you find both fulfilling and financially rewarding. There is a lot of competition out there from very qualified and experienced candidates, and it can be tough not only finding the type of job that you are wanting to apply for but also making yourself stand out from everyone else that is going for that same position. In this article we take a look at how you can use social media to not only help you find your dream job but also to help put your application on the front food and ensure that you have the best chance of success.

The job search

There are lots of ways that you can use social media to help find the job that you are looking for. While connecting with the social media feeds of major recruitment agencies is an obvious step, you can be a bit more strategic by identifying the companies or businesses that you want to work for – you can be specific with actual companies or think a bit more general about the sector or industry in which you want to work. When you’ve found a job you’d like to apply for you will need a professional resume, we’ve found this great resource on resumes and resume builders here. Follow the social media feeds of these companies – Like their Facebook page, Follow their Twitter feed, undoubtedly they will be promoting any vacancies that they have and you will be one of the first to see it.


Social media channels are a great way for networking – not just with people you know but also with people that you might like to know. One of the best tools for this is LinkedIn. There are lots of job search features that are built into LinkedIn, such as ways to present your resume or your work history as well as your skills and capabilities, but one of the most powerful features is to be able to look at people that you want to connect with and see who you know who might know them. An introduction from a mutual friend or connection is a powerful thing and a sure fire way to open some doors and land the interview for your dream job. Another way to land your dream job is having a professional and up to date resume, has tons of information on resume building.

Promote yourself

One of the great things about social media is that is provides lots of opportunities for you to promote yourself. Don’t just post selfies to your Facebook, use your social media updates to demonstrate to the world that you are an expert in your chosen field with interesting things to say. Writing regular blog posts is a really useful way of doing this – you can then push these out via your social media channels.

The Technology Behind Motorcycles

Motorcycles have been around since the late 1800′s and they have changed dramatically over the course of the years. While modern-day motorcycles are a far cry from their predecessors they still use the same basic technology. The following information will explain the technology behind motorcycles and their accessories and how it allows riders to travel across the roads and highways on these two-wheeled vehicles.


By definition a motorcycle must have at least two wheels and it must have an engine to power the cycle instead of using pedals. A motorcycle typically has a larger engine displacement that exceeds 100 cc, a manual gear shift and capable of reaching speeds greater than 30 mph. Two or three-wheeled vehicles that do not meet these three specific criteria are not motorcycles.


Motorcycle engines are designed like automobile motors except on a smaller scale. This particular type of motor has a cylinder block, pistons and a head that houses the valve train. The engine is powered by a fuel-air mixture that causes the pistons to fire which in turn moves a crankshaft that ultimately transfers power to the back wheel of a motorbike causing it to move. This is the basic science that is used to move a motorcycle down the road and finding a cool helmet that is also safe is always a good idea.


A motorcycle’s transmission is necessary for moving a bike in a particular direction. This part of the engine powered by the crankshaft. Once the transmission has this power it delivers the stored energy to the wheel through the control of the gear set, clutch and drive system. Once this powered is transferred to the rear wheel it gives a rider the ability to move down the street on their motorbike.


A motorcycle chassis is made out of steel, aluminum or some other type of metal. The chassis is the body of a motorbike and it is used to contain the various components that is used in the bike’s design. the frame is necessary for aligning a motorbike and it keeps the wheels and suspension in place. The seat and handle bars are also a part of the chassis.

Gyroscope Rotation

Gyroscope rotation is a necessary for a motorcycle to move. When the transmissions acts on an axle it causes the axle to spin a wheel by gyroscope rotation. Gyroscope rotation allows the wheel to spin in any direction that the axle is positioned. Remember that the back wheel of motorbike is powered by the transmission and the front wheel only moves because the back wheel provides it with energy.

In closing, motorcycles have other components that are necessary for their operation. Brakes must be used to stop the vehicle when its moving and a clutch is necessary for switching speeds. Motorcycles even have exhaust systems which are necessary for any vehicle with a combustion engine. The main thing to remember is that these components and parts work together to move a motorcycle rider down a highway or city street.

Apps To Help You Work Out Your Pregnancy Due Date

First and foremost, if you are trying to get pregnant you have to make a note of your cycle. When it comes to menses, not everyone fits the basic standard. Some women do not experience their cycle every set twenty eight days, and some do not experience it for between five to seven days, as per the general norm. Because women’s cycles tend to vary from each other, the first step to trying to fall pregnant is to make a note of exactly when you last had your menses and how long you had it for, and then track when the next one arrives, and for how long. Take a look at this website for further information.

If you are wondering how you can go about doing this in an efficient and organized manner (because perhaps you are prone to forgetfulness and are just no good at remembering all those pesky little dates); well there is a tech app available precisely for this purpose, just to make your life easier. You can download software (it is not free, but is available at a minimal fee) or instead check out the following link for a free no frills pregnancy predictor calculator. The app tracks various important dates and bits of information, such as your menstruation period, ovulation times, and various other relevant dates, and then compiles this information into user friendly and easy to analyze forms, with executive precision.

This app is so sophisticated that it even comes with graphs and charts to make the information easy to read and analyze. You can then print all of this information (like a presentation) and have it ready for your appointments with doctors. This app is super sophisticated and the idea is just brilliant! It converts that nerve wracking time of trying to conceive a baby from a chaotic and uncertain personal event into a highly analyzed, almost corporate affair. But it really is very handy for doctors who don’t have to deal with random or scanty bits of imprecise information.

There is more than one such app on the market. Some of them are free (these tend to be less sophisticated than the more pricey options, but they still do the trick as they can still perform the same basic functions. There are some apps on the market which are designed to assist with fertility, and in so doing, helps you track when your baby will be born, that are very expensive. But usually the more pricey apps are very cutting edge.

For example, there is an app that looks like your standard thermometer, but in reality it does so much more than that. This app has the capability to store cycles for up to six cycles and can store temperatures and symptoms for almost a year’s time. It also has the capability to tell you on which days you are fertile (or at least more fertile than other days), what the possibility is of you being pregnant at a given moment in time, and also which days (hypothetically) you can expect your baby to be born. It uses all of this information and then predicts when in the future you will be fertile again. This app is quite expensive though, at nearly one hundred dollars!

Payday loans Integrated with Social Network

Demand for instant cash is always high especially in today’s world where business opportunities and activities are taking place every hour of the day. It was hard to get an online loan for your personal projects years ago, where you had to fax several documents, fill long applications forms, and even submit a guarantor form. With this high demand the loan industry has to come up with means to satisfy this need timely and efficiently. This has triggered the engineering of technology to handle this.

Introduction of online banking and electronic money transfer technology has really boosted the online loans by making them more accessible and easier to their customers. In developed countries such as Germany, Netherlands, or Spain the loan applicant just needs to fill in an application form online or through fax providing the necessary details. On submission the lender company uses an algorithm to review the form and approve it online within minutes and then the money is transferred by a direct deposit to the borrower’s account. In Spain local newspapers say the benefits for the small business owners are incredible:

La industria de los préstamos rápidos y sin fiador ha sido de gran beneficio para las pequeñas empresas, ya que muchas cuentan con gastos pequeños y al no tener un flujo de dinero fijo se encuentran en situaciones apretadas. Gracias a los créditos rápidos estas empresas pueden pagar sus deudas a tiempo y seguir con sus actividades comerciales – Cuándo Pedir un Préstamo

Translation: The industry of the Payday loans have brought many benefits for small businesses, because most of this small businesses do not count with a good daily cash flow and from time to time they find themselves in situations where money is required. Thanks to this online credits, business owners can pay their bills immediately and continue with its business activities. 

You can compare several Payday loan services to see which one provides the best repayment conditions. Loan repayment is done according to the agreement and this may be the borrower depositing the funds directly to the lenders account or the money is deducted electronically from the borrower’s monthly income during the next payday.

As you know from my previous posts, I love how old industries are integrating the use of not only technology, but also social network technology to disrupt the industry and make better changes. In the case of online loans, several companies have started to develop mobile applications that are capable to submit a payday loan application in seconds. Integrating this same concept with social networks can basically convert your friends in lenders as well. The idea is to submit your loan application, and this application will be visible to a network of friends or strangers that are willing to lend small quantities of money (5USD to 10USD) as an exchange for a commission. Everybody wins here. Your friends can get a small commission for helping you, and you get your money in no time.

Also credit cards are also playing a huge role in improving the online loan industry. The cards are used to purchase goods and services without actually having money in ones account .The card providers create a revolving account where he gives the user a credit scheme for borrowers to pay to an entrepreneur or as cash advance.

The other technology that has improved the online loans industry is the mobile money. This has enabled the user to acquire small loans through their mobile phones. The mobile network company’s provides the platform where their user can borrow money and repay them at a later date. This has really eased the borrowing process

Other technology like the Internet and online banking has enhanced the industries activities, as without them the transaction wouldn’t be possible for communication of users. Get an online loan for your personal projects today.

Overall, if you have any questions regarding this topic and would like to discuss more about it, please write me or fill in the contact form. I will be looking forward to reply all your questions.

Are We Ready For A Robot Phlebotomist?

Blood is the source of life. Aside from holding the key to our DNA, it is often used in many medical aspects, including diagnosis, treatments and research. Extracting blood is an important and routine part of any health care setting. This process requires care and precision. That is why it cannot be done by just anyone in the hospital. It takes a trained technician to do the job, and that’s what phlebotomists are for.

Phlebotomists are trained professionals who extract blood for a wide range of purposes. Hence, they are a critical part of any hospital, clinic or other health related setting. Still, even the most seasoned phlebotomist can have a bad day and miss a vein, requiring a second insertion and causing unnecessary pain for the patient.

Accuracy in blood drawing continues to be a concern in the medical field, prompting technological developments that are designed to help automate and speed up the process. The development of a robotic “blood drawing” arm is just one. This is a rather new invention but if people are comfortable with the idea, phlebotomists may possibly be replaced by needle-wielding robots in the near future.

VeeBot, the Blood Extracting Robot

VeeBot, a medical technology startup in Mountain View, California, is currently testing a prototype of a robotic arm. This arm has been designed to extract blood from human arm, just like a phlebotomy technician does in the hospital or clinic.

This invention started out as a college project by Richard Harris, back when he was a mechanical engineering undergraduate student at Princeton. It was in 2009 when his father, an owner of a medical contract research company, mentioned talked about the possibility of a device that would automate the process of drawing blood and how that device would definitely help the medical research field.

Harris saw this as an inspiration and a challenge, so he built on this idea and created a prototype. With funding from his father, he then founded the tech startup VeeBot the year after.

How The Robot Works

The Veebot phlebotomist works this way. First, it holds the patients arm in place using special cuffs, which also inflates to restrict blood flow. Then, it flashes infrared light on the arm and a uses a camera to analyze the area and find the right vein. Ultrasound then confirms the chosen vein and checks for adequate blood flow. After that, the robot arm then inserts a needle and starts drawing blood.

This whole process takes one or two minutes and only requires the phlebotomist to stand by to oversee the process and look after the patient.

Presently, the machine’s accuracy rate is at 83%, and the company is waiting until it reaches 90% before they begin clinical tests.

Why Robotics May Be A Good Idea

If you have had blood drawn before, then you will find the routine very familiar. It starts with a technician wrapping your arm with a tourniquet, then cleaning the area before looking for the vein. Then he or she will eventually insert a needle to draw blood.

Most technicians get it right the first time, but according to research, 25% of phlebotomists do not. This means that the robot’s current accuracy rate at 83% is even better than the average human technician.

Aside from missing the vein, there is also danger in hitting other parts of the arm, especially nerves or the artery, causing pain and potential damage. Apart from these injuries, phlebotomists and health care providers on the other side of the table also suffer from needle stick injuries.

Developers of this robotic arm claims that the robot can help draw blood faster and safer than human beings – as long as it is used properly. Thus, a technician will still have to be nearby to ensure proper positioning of the arm, attach the right tube or an IV bag.

Truth be told, the idea of having a robot sticking a needle into your arm and drawing blood is quite creepy. However, if this robot gets it right the first time for all of its patients, then it could definitely be an appealing prospect to anybody, especially people who have experienced pain from needle stick injuries in the past.

How To Use Social Media To Lose Weight

I talk a lot about social media on this website and all of the uses for it. Lately, I have taken an interest in my personal health after a visit to the doctor didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to. High cholesterol, too heavy, you know the drill.

When I came back from that doctors visit I made a vow to myself to get into better shape. I have tried many diets before and some of them worked and some of them didn’t. One of the things that always seemed to work was when I had someone to answer to, someone to keep me accountable for what I said I was going to do and my goals. 

I decided this time around I was going to use social media to be my accountability partner to help me get healthier and more in shape so I didn’t have to deal with anymore negative doctors visits. Below you will see the techniques I used to use social media to my advantage to help me lose weight.


I used twitter in two different ways. First, by taking advantage of hashtags I was able to search out helpful fitness articles, weight loss conferences in my area and fresh fitness related news.

The second way I used twitter was to alert my followers of my new weight loss goals and that they would be my new accountability partners. Every week I would update with certain metrics like: calories burned, calories eaten, weight, body measurements and even face progress photos from time to time.


Pinterest is great for finding inspirational quotes. I used this to my advantage when I was feeling discouraged or unmotivated to work out. A quick search on pinterest and I’d find pages and pages of helpful quotes that would motivate me and perk me up to get out and get to the gym.

It’s also a great place to find before and after photos of people who have been successful in meeting their fitness goals. This is probably the best type of motivation for me and it helped me tremendously in times when I needed motivation.

Other Tips

On top of social media I also used some other tips and tricks to help me reach my goals. One of them was making sure I was always completely pumped up to get the most out of my workouts when I went to the gym. Pre workout supplements are designed to be taken before you get to the gym to give you an extra burst of energy to lift more weight for longer, which will increase your fitness. One of my favorite resources for these pre workout supplements is this website. I was able to use the website to find the best pre workout supplement for me, which turned out to be the c4 pre workout, you might be different so make sure you do your research before buying one.

Using social media I was able to get back to healthy and the next time I went to the doctor he was impressed with my progress and asked me how I was able to do it so successfully. I smiled and just said: social media! The look on his face was priceless!

Facebook friending photograhy courses instructor led to job

James Messer had wanted to become a photographer ever since he was seven years old, when his grandfather gave him his first camera. It was a bit old and did not work very well, but he found that he so enjoyed taking pictures of his family, friends, and neighborhood. Before long, he was spending every afternoon after school and all his free time on weekends looking for new places and things to shoot. He had once been so into playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, but suddenly, he was more interested in photographing their games than in playing in them. It was then that he realized that one day, he wanted to become a professional photographer. However, it would be many years before his dream was realized.

Early on, James realized the importance of getting feedback on his work, as well as being inspired by the work of professionals. He spent many rainy afternoons at the local library, sifting through copies of National Geographic Magazine or other photography magazines and books. He attempted to identify and understand what made a great photo great, and tried to glean inspiration and tips from the outstanding photographs he found. He would then go out and strive to recreate their techniques in his own photographs. This was, of course, very difficult to do, but he learned and grew in the process. After printing out his photographs, he would always rush to his grandfather’s house with his packet of freshly printed pictures. His grandfather would help him to analyze his work and notice what he had done well.

Throughout the years he spent in school, James took every opportunity to develop his craft, offering to photograph school and community events, as well as offering portrait shoots for family and friends. However, when he graduated from high school and headed off to college, he still felt that he was no closer to becoming a professional photographer. He realized that he needed to get in contact with a professional photography instructor or find photography courses that he could take.

After talking to a few friends, James heard about a certain photography course instructor. He would have liked to enroll in her course, but unfortunately, he was not living in the same city at that time. However, he sent her a friend request on Facebook, along with a message that explained that he was a photography enthusiast who was looking to learn more. She accepted his friend request, and they began to converse a bit and follow each other on social media.

With help from his new friend, James was able to find photography courses in his area, and continue to get his friend’s professional opinion on his work. He thoroughly enjoyed his photography classes and felt that he grew immensely as an artist during that time. He continued to look for every opportunity to pick up photography work.

Eventually, his photography instructor friend was able to help him send in his portfolio to a local magazine that was looking for a new staff photographer, and James landed the job! He loved working as a professional photographer, and that first job led to many more!

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Modern Technology Helps You Get Your Message to the People

Being a tech-head, sometimes I feel like Charlie inside the Chocolate Factory. Joking aside, I’m always thrilled when I see modern technology find its application in something seemingly unrelated. It’s not just related to hardware, but software as well. And people are keeping up with it as well. In this day and age it’s simply impossible to go through life without some tech knowledge.

Even once simple devices we used to use every day, like television and cell phones have become more than they were before, crammed full of clever technology and apps. Yes, it might be a bit more complicated to use at first, but once you get a hang of it, you will probably ask yourself how could ever live without it. And both hardware and software are becoming more user friendly because that’s the only way of reaching out to those who find all this tech stuff a bit intimidating. As the technology becomes more advanced it actually becomes easier to use.

Like I said a while back, the most interesting aspect of technology is how it constantly manages to find its way towards something completely unrelated. You would probably never expect for a washing machine with an internet connection to exist, but it does. And it’s not overkill or showing off either, as it can help you save a decent amount of money in the long run. Or a fridge, through which you can order groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Some ideas initially seem crazy but as they develop they become very focused on making your life easier and more efficient in some way.

I happened to be doing some SEO work a while back and found it very interesting how many diverse applications websites actually have. For example, nursing, writing and web design have very little in common, but if you happen to look at, it begs to differ. Not only does the website offer useful information and raise awareness about different types of nurse and their respective salaries – it covers a range of nursing salaries including RN salaries in the U.S. – it also creates revenue for the website owner through advertizing. Another, more specialized site I found covers only information and salary data for Medical Assistants – a complete resource aimed at people interested in entering this profession.

This model of providing useful information online can be very lucrative in the right niche and can be applied to almost any subject matter. It all comes down to finding the right niche. And out of several billion people that connected to the internet, you can be sure that there will be thousands, and maybe even millions interested in the same thing you website or blog is about.

Unfortunately, we haven’t even managed to tap into 1% of the potential offered by the internet. The most popular websites and blogs revolve around celebrity gossip, or bad advice on dieting. It just seems like great ideas aren’t getting through to people, and that is true in part.

But there is a solution to that as well, such as good SEO. A great blog or a website is of little use to anyone, if nobody knows about it. So in addition to good writing, one must also have other tools in his or her toolbox. Which brings us back to the part where I mentioned that technology might seem complicated at first, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll wonder how you could ever manage to go through life without it. Put in the effort and get your message across. There are plenty of us who will listen. Create your first website and learn some new skills – you just never know where it may lead.

How to Add a Table Of Contents to Your Website

There is more emphasis being paid every day to adding substantial content to websites. In the past most Webmasters were happy to produce a single page on the site with maybe 500 words on the page. However it seems quite clear now that Google prefers to see a significantly greater amount of content on the page, and some suggestions are that we should be writing from 1500 to 3000 words on any page.

That’s an extremely long page, and therefore it helps to have a table of contents, like this one, on the page to help readers immediately understand what they will find on the page and, if necessary, to click through directly to the part of the page that interests them.

So not only should a table of contents set out exactly what readers will find on the page but it should also offer them the opportunity to click to each of the headings which will then immediately direct them down to the relevant part of the page that contains the content they wish to read.

This is one of the most important things in designing a website. Making sure that readers are able to find content they wish to read which then ensures that they are likely to stay on the page for much longer. There is clear evidence that Google likes to see people clicking through to a website and then spending more time on the website rather than just hitting the back but because they cannot find the content they are searching for.

And there is evidence that Google penalizes sites with a high “bounce rate” or a low “time on site”. Both of these are indications of how well the website has answered a reader’s query.

As well as this there is also evidence that Google is now sending searchers directly to the part of a web page which most directly assist their search query.

Google is now displaying “jump to” links in their search results. If your table of contents is clickable, in other words readers can click to immediately go to the part of the page they wish to find, this is called a “jump to” link.

And Google is displaying these jump to links in its search results.

So it seems now that there is good reason to be including a clickable table of contents on each of your webpages. Here’s another example for you to see.

So how do you do this? We can certainly answer that question for users of WordPress.

Any user of WordPress will be quite familiar with plugins. The plug-in is a small piece of code that performs a specific task within the software. And there is a very good plugin to create a clickable table of contents with “jump to” links. You can find it here.

It’s easy to use and provides Webmasters with the perfect solution for producing a table of contents. It’s easy to use and easy to display, and it creates the perfect solution to providing an easy, (and free) table of contents on your website.

The ultimate guide to choosing the best kitchen appliances

kitchen applianceYour choice of any kitchen appliance is highly determined by your cost and the quality you desire. Quality should however never be compromised for cheapness.

This is because the kitchen is a very fundamental part of any home. With good quality appliances in your kitchen you can be assured of the smooth running of your home. There are many appliances you will require in your kitchen ranging from fridge, coffee machine, toaster, microwave and ovens as well as cookers but just how do you choose these?

When choosing an espresso or coffee machine there are certain considerations you must have in mind. First of all is deciding the type you want. You can choose between steam-driven and pump driven according to the type of coffee you really want.

The steam-driven one will give you strong coffee but it is quite cheap. On the other hand, the pump-driven one gives you an amazing espresso but the cost is quite high. The pump-driven offer you four options of manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automatic.

Having decided which you want you can then begin looking around in stores that sell espresso or coffee machines. Comparing prices of the best coffee makers in different outlets is the best way to get quality at an affordable price because the stores will definitely vary in pricing.Generally, when choosing kitchen appliances there are some considerations you must bear in mind.

First and foremost is the budget. You need to come up with a monetary figure for whatever you want to buy. Whether it is a new kitchen that needs many appliances or you just need to replace or add one appliance to the existent ones, cost is very important.

Once you know how much you are willing to spend on your appliances you can then confidently shop around for what suits your needs.

Know your needs! In order to choose the right appliance for your kitchen you need to know what work is done in your kitchen. A professional chef’s kitchen will definitely be more sophisticated because of the classic recipes that will be prepared there.

A simple kitchen will require different appliances depending on what exactly it is used to prepare. What might be suitable to a friend’s kitchen might not be suitable for yours so getting appliances that have specifications right for you is critical.

Be environment friendly when making your purchases. With the increased global warming levels, there is an urgent need for us to stop use of appliances that emit ozone-destructive gases. When getting an appliance therefore make sure you get an eco-friendly one and help save mother earth.

The cost of maintenance o f your appliance should also be a consideration. Let’s face it, the economic times are not the best and saving on the electricity bills will be of much relieve. Therefore, choose appliances that conserve energy.

Remember that every appliance also has its specifications. What you would look for in a fridge is not what you would look for in a coffee machine. Therefore it is important to do a thorough study on the item you want to purchase so as to know what is best and what is not.

Dental Implant Technology Is Impressive These Days

Dental implants have become some of the most interesting things for people to discover when it comes to giving their smiles the best looks that they could ever ask for. People who are looking to find quality dental implants will have to see what they are getting from different providers when finding interesting options for the particular needs they have.

Resin Materials Are Becoming Popular

One big aspect of dental implant technology comes thanks to the way how fine resin materials are being used in the process of getting implants ready. This resin material is designed to create a solid surface similar to what one might get out of a traditional tooth.

In addition, this material can be colored in a manner that makes it match up with the rest of one’s natural teeth. This design is covered to create a more appealing look if it is crafted properly and with enough care.

Inspecting the Gum Line Is Easy To Do

The key part of working on an implant involves inspecting the gum line. This is to see where the implant should be added in particular. If the gum line is checked carefully then the right plans can be made when it comes to getting the implant set up at a given space and to make it right the first time around.

Dental implant technology often entails the use of CT scans to take a look at the jaw line. This technology has long been used in many other parts of the body and today people are beginning to see how it can be used in the dental implant field.

In addition to being much safer to use than a traditional x-ray that might be too hard to use, the cost of an implant will not be too hard for an average person to manage. The cost of dental implants can be impacted by this technology as the cost of dental implants is much lower than when x-rays are used to take care of the process that one has for making one’s teeth look their best.

The biggest point to see comes from how the CT scan is made without a great deal of radiation and is made with digital technology to get all readouts to work. This is much easier to use than what you might get elsewhere and can really add up to a fine look that fits in well with your home when you see how well it can be run as necessary. This should establish a great look when all points come along with this setup. It is a sensible solution that all patients can enjoy having.

The use of dental implant technology is a great point for all to see. This is a great type of technology that can really add a good look to one’s teeth if they are used with care. Patients who are interested in such implants will need to see how these are made with all sorts of fine looks to create better tones for all to have. If this is used properly then it should be rather easy to get the most out of whatever one wants.